Friday, November 18, 2005

Today's Paper: Model-Driven Performance Evaluation

Simonetta Blasamo, a professor of Computer Science at Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Italy, has been doing great work in the research area of software performance modeling.

His survey paper gives us a fairly good overview of what is going on in the area of model-driven perfromance evaluation.
  • Simonetta Balsamo, Antinisca Di Marco, Paola Inverardi, and Marta Simeoni, Model-Based Performance Prediction in Software Development: A Survey, IEEE Trans. Software Eng. 30(5): pp.295-310, 2004.
Electronic version is available from:

Model-Based Performance Prediction in Software Development: A Survey

Over the last decade, a lot of research has been directed toward integrating performance analysis into the software development process. Traditional software development methods focus on software correctness, introducing performance issues later in the development process. This approach does not take into account the fact that performance problems may require considerable changes in design, for example, at the software architecture level, or even worse at the requirement analysis level. Several approaches were proposed in order to address early software performance analysis. Although some of them have been successfully applied, we are still far from seeing performance analysis integrated into ordinary software development. In this paper, we present a comprehensive review of recent research in the field of model-based performance prediction at software development time in order to assess the maturity of the field and point out promising research directions.

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